5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Whaat??!!?? My website needs a redesign?

Technology doesn’t stand still. If your website hasn’t been updated in a couple of years, it probably needs more than a touch up.  And it’s in desperate need of a redesign if it has one of the issues below.

  1. It’s not mobile-friendly. More and more business is being done on people’s cell phones. If your website isn’t usable on mobile, you may be losing out on business opportunities. Responsive websites move between cell phones, tablets and desktops, with clear and clean design.
  2. No one can find it. Search engine algorithms have changed over the past few years. If your website’s SEO hasn’t kept up, customers may not be able to find you on the Internet.
  3. You’ve buried the lead. Most of us have very short attention spans. When potential customers can’t find what they are looking for within 15 seconds of opening your page, they move on to another website and a rival business. Most importantly, check whether the user experience drives customers toward your desired outcome.
  4. It’s not secure. Check out your URL. Does it start with “https” and feature the lock icon? If not, information that passes to and from your website is not properly encrypted and exposes you and your clients to a security risk. Only 50% of websites use SSL. Be sure your website is one of the ones that does.
  5. It’s broken. Do you have links that go nowhere? Incorrect or out-of-date information? Blank spaces where images are supposed to be? Error messages? Broken sites make businesses look unprofessional. Customers won’t trust you if your website isn’t working properly.

The Takeaway on Website Redesign

Oftentimes, a new customer will first check out your business on the Internet. Your company needs more than just any website, but one that feels current and clean. These five pitfalls can turn customers away. Review your site often to make sure it represents your business in a way that you can feel proud of.

If after reading this article you decide that a redesign is in order, Cloud 77 can help. Contact us to make an appointment.