Efficiency in WordPress Maintenance

Efficiency in WordPress Maintenance

When thinking about efficiency, time and money savings are the first things that come to mind.

WordPress is one of the most efficient website builder tools. Using WordPress, you can build a simple website quickly without hiring a web developer.

However, when it comes to WordPress, the efficiency of site development is not the only one that matters. Ensuring an efficient maintenance routine is also vital.

The following are the three perspectives we consider when designing a maintenance plan/routine for a WordPress website:


Automation is the heart of efficiency. When a task is automated, no work hour need to be assigned to that task anymore. We can help you automate WordPress backups and WordPress plugin & theme updates. This will ensure that your WordPress websites are bug free.


Security is often put as an afterthought. By regularly maintaining security, you would save on the emergency cost. Otherwise, an unexpected security incident may cost you a fortune.

Cloud 77 can help you install and configure the anti virus and firewall on your WordPress site.


To keep up with the latest website speed standards from Google, you will need to perform several steps. They are not necessarily related to your business or even website design.

Cloud 77 can help you optimize the delivery of website scripts, images, and files. We perform this to ensure that your WordPress website meets the latest standards from Google.


In summary, your journey with WordPress did not end when your developer handed you the key to your WordPress site. We recommend an effective routine maintenance and we can help you with it!